5 Best Sex Sites

Hooking up online is so much easier than meeting in a bar. You can find any ethnicity, any (appropriate) age, any gender, any personality, in any location. You can hone in on the exact qualities you’re looking for in a casual encounter partner and literally find them within minutes. Knowing how to message that person and how to take it from an online message to a sex session takes some skill that you’ll need to develop, but here are some of the best sites to get started finding these fuck buddies.

Best Sex Sites of 2014

1. FuckDate – This site is fairly new and gaining ground every day. It’s run independently and has some of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen on an adult dating site. As the name implies, there will be no confusion over why you are chatting with someone. Everyone has the same nasty intentions and this is my new favorite sex site.

2. Hislut – The second best sex site on our list is also explicitly named. Hi Slut is about as porn centric as an adult dating site can get. Truth be told, it doesn’t have a ton of “real girls” but I always find myself getting my money’s worth out of the webcams on the site.

3. NoStringsAttached – NoStrings still does a body good. The only issue I’ve run into is that some of the girls here are still a little timid. The members here aren’t as “balls deep” as they are on the aforementioned sites. For some people, they like the challenge. For me, bring on the sluts.

4. SexSearch – Tried and true through the years, sexsearch has always been my best bet for finding orgies. If you’ve ever tried to get in on an orgy as a single guy, you know it can be extremely difficult. This site helps you to coordinate them from the ground up so you’re not trying to join everyone else’s good time, you can create your own.

5. AshleyMadison – You’ve probably seen it advertised and some people get disappointed. The trick to AM.com is knowing who is on there looking for sex. You aren’t going to find 21 year old girls looking to get it on. This site is filled with MILFs and great for younger guys (under 30) looking to hookup with older women. If you can’t get laid here, it’s probably because you set your expectations too high.

There are a ton of other options out there, but these have each been good to me in their own way. The trick to finding a good sex site is knowing what you want then researching which site is best for certain things. Once you know what you’re looking for and you’ve signed up to one of these sites, do some research online to figure out how to setup profiles, what to say, and how to setup hookups. It’s not complicated, but you need to do some work to be successful.

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Having Your First Casual Encounter…

      Are you currently single? Are you dating? Well having a one night stand is a hot button topic, that you may want to consider looking into. Nowadays dating is so casual. People who used to live back the days, used to have courtships, or court one another. Nowadays it is not that simple. People who have morals are having a hard time finding someone to be in a relationship with because of the fact that people are so willing to a one night stand.

Which Sites are best for Finding Sex with Amatuers Tonight?

     One night stands are also easy to get. It does not take much effort to get a one night stand. This article will be giving casual sexual relationship tips. Having casual sex is not recommended because of all the things that can go wrong and bad, but if you decide to have casual sex, then there is a protocol that you should follow. Even when you do have sex that is so casual you should still have some type of morale or standards. It is a part of being a human being. There will be different tips for women and different tips for men. Below are some tips that have been listed for men.

Casual Enounter

Tips for men that have one time sexual encounters:

1. Never make a woman feel like she is the only woman in your life.
2. Make it clear that you are not in a committed relationship.
3. Go to her place, so that you can leave.

4. Be safe and use protection.
5. Make everything physical, do not give her any affection.
6. Get tested together, or make each other aware of your status.
7. Always get tested regularly when having sex in a casual manner.
8. Just because it is casual sex do not be an “A-hole”
9. Make the affair a one time occasion.

Now, tips for the ladies that want to have hookups


Tips for women that have one time hookups:

1. Wear makeup to disguise your flaws, look presentable
2. Do not go out and buy lingerie, don’t throw on something sloppy, but do not throw on anything expensive.
3. Do not make him feel like you will be attached.
4. Make sure it is with a guy that is not interested in you and vice versa.
5. Do not talk about love or anything from your past love life.
6. Do not talk about love at all.
7. Make sure that you are “shaved”.
8. Talk asless as possible.
9. Check your hygiene and the aroma that you give off.
10. Protect yourself, and know both of you guys’ status.
11. Do not appear to be desperate.
12. Choose someone that does not live near you, so you will not have to run into them often.
13. Make sure the person is decent
14. Do not choose a person that will remind you of a recent or past lover. So that you can avoid your chances of being attached.

     Remember if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend it is not wise to hook up first night with other people or have casual encounters at all. This is defined as cheating! If you are going to hook up first night with people, use protection!

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Justhookup.com Pros and Cons

JustHookup is quite a popular dating website online today that can help connect women and men to a variety of people throughout the world. The site has grown to becoming a huge trend among individuals who do not want to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter. JustHookup is truly one of the few sites that has slowly been gaining a lot of prominent attention. The biggest problem most people have been complaining about is the dating website’s lack of professionalism and ‘real’ people on the website. Find out below if JustHookUp is a good dating website worth joining.

Adult Dating, what to do?

How does JustHookup work?

The site is pretty simple to use. There are plenty of people who have been using the site over the past few months. Signing up is totally FREE. However, the site is not taken completely seriously the way other dating sites work. The reviews of this site on a different review website have given it only 1.3 stars out of a possible 5 stars, and it has been given the “NOT RECOMMENDED” sign.

What is so bad about JustHookup?

– Faked Profiles

The majority of all the profiles shown on this site are either fake, unverified, or never even checked upon. Some members who have joined are usually tired of seeing the fake people, so they forget to login to their accounts. This dating website has tons of fake profiles with fake photos and messages. Other people will get fake messages telling them something naughty, and sometimes messages are received even before completing the profiles. The site makes money from the ads that their small number of membes click on. Based on reviews, this site is not worth it because of all the fake profiles.

– Few Active Members

There are very few active members a part of this site. Nearly everybody who has been signed up to this site knows that it is so tough to find a real profile with a real person behind the pictures. Active members are hard to find, and usually most of them just aren’t as active on this site as they are on other dating websites like Match.com.

– Geared Towards Those Who Want Casual Sexual Encounters

Despite the fact that there are way too many fake profiles created by the owners, you will discover that those who are active are only on this site for the casual sexual encounters they can experience. Those on this site only want to find a guy or girl that they can meet to have sex with for the night. There really is nothing wrong with this since there are many people who do just want to find a person to sleep with for the night, but this is very dangerous and risky for some people, and it can be very disgusting for those who want to develop a real relationship that can be built upon.

– Money Is Not Worth It

All people who have joined this site and got into a paid membership found that it was not at all worth the investment. It truly isn’t worth the money to get a paid profile since there are thousands of fake profiles inside. It is impossible to find a person in your area who is using this site to find sexual encounters, let alone a real relationship.

Should I join this website?

If you are very much into a sexual encounter type of lifestyle, you may want to consider joining this site. However, there are many other dating sites, including Match or AdultFriendFinder, that can be even better for you to join that also have a list of guys and girls who only want to have a one night stand with the people they talk to online. Sexual encounters are all over JustHookup, but the weird thing is that there are more fake people than real people.


JustHookup is a site that tries to lead you in to making them money. For example, there are people who will talk to you personally and try to make you pay them $50 to watch their webcam. If you don’t cancel, they will make you pay continuously. JustHookup is a scam dating website, so stay away from it at all costs. You will barely meet any real people.

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Online Adult Dating Sites

Online adult dating sites have become quite popular throughout the world. In fact, you can come across various online dating sites that cater to people of all walks of life. With numerous options to choose from, it may be difficult to determine the site that is genuine or fake. Hence, it makes sense to check the authenticity of the site by reading reviews that will help you learn more about the features, benefits and drawbacks of each.

How to Identify Scam or Real Adult Dating Sites

Whether you are a single parent or an adult that is currently uninvolved in a relationship, online dating can be a challenging task when you are not aware of the right site for you. Nevertheless, thousands of adults turn to online dating sites to discover love and romance despite their busy schedules. However, it is never a wise idea to rush when selecting an adult dating site that is available online. Initially, you need to check out reviews of websites that will help you make an informed decision. By reading reviews, you can save your time and money on fraudulent dating sites.

The following are some important factors to consider when searching for a genuine and trustworthy online dating site for adults…

1. Nearly even female to male ratio

This may not be a primary necessity to consider when checking for genuine adult dating sites, although this aspect can be a factor. For instance, you may come across sites that have several male members and too few female members, and vice-versa. If you are stuck on an online dating site with an influx of members of your gender, then you are likely to encounter stiff competition.

2. High percentage of members that are just wanting to play around

Those who are serious about finding true love in an adult dating site look for Mr. or Ms. Right instead of just hoping to get laid. According to most site users, they immediately give any dating site a negative mark if they find out that a high percentage of members are only looking for casual sex.

3. Several inactive and non-responsive members in the site

While most dating sites online boast about the millions of members that they have, a number of these are frequently inactive. Thus, you may end up contacting people that are unlikely to receive or respond to your message.

4. Inviting atmosphere to meet interesting people

Keep in mind that the end result is all that matters when searching for an adult dating site. If members have succeeded in meeting and attracting interesting people on the site, they give it a positive review. Unfortunately, there are only a few sites that were excellent places to meet quality individuals since some have members that are not worth their time, or there are not enough members to talk to.

Overall, dating sites that receive positive feedback from members have many things in common. These sites have a large member database, close to even ratio of male and female members, and have a pleasant ambience for dating and meeting adults. If you come across an adult dating site with these features, then you have a huge chance of finding a great place to meet that special someone who is worthy of your time.

Additional Tips

If you think that online dating is for you, then you should be aware of some tips that can help you get the most of the dating site. For instance, try to keep the conversation going in the site messaging system instead of allowing yourself to be dragged to MSN or Skype during your initial conversation. In addition, never send money to people you meet on a dating site, and be wary of those who seem too desperate to settle down with a mate. Lastly, be on the lookout for typical get-rich-quick tactics. If the claims seem too amazing to be true, then it is most likely that the adult dating site is a scam.

Bottom Line

The World Wide Web offers a plethora of adult dating sites that claim to provide the finest features and services. However, not all of these sites are dependable or true to their claims. Hence, you need to apply certain techniques in evaluating the reliability of any online dating site before you consider signing up and devoting your time for it. By doing so, you can obtain great benefits and increase your chances of finding someone special who is worthy of your attention.

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